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Things have been a bit quietÖ

Saturday 2nd August, 2008

There hasnít been much to report lately, but now I have some good news!!

David Shatraw is scheduled to appear in at least two episodes of the upcoming season of
The Starter Wife.

According to IMDb, the new season will start airing on 10th October 2008, which sounds like a long time, but you know how fast the summer goes!

Check out IMDb for further information on the show.

Also, donít forget that the DVD of
Pope Dreams is due out later this month. Further details in my previous update, just down the page...

Pope Dreams DVD Release!

Sunday 1st June, 2008

Pope Dreams now has a scheduled date for a full release on DVD!

Itís the 26th August 2008, and you can pre-order from Amazon.

The new and improved DVD will have bonus features, such as commentaries, bloopers and deleted scenes.

For full details of the distribution deal, donít forget to visit the
Pope Dreams official website, here.

Killer Diller Pictures

Monday, 4th February, 2008

I got my
Killer Diller DVD through the post, finally, and I have made a couple of pictures from it. You can have a look at them here.

David Shatraw is only in it for a minute or so, unfortunately, but he was excellent, and looked great (Iím a big fan of the side-parting!).

I enjoyed the rest of the movie, too, despite the lack of Mr Shatraw!

Killer Diller out on DVD!

Wednesday, 16th January, 2008

The movie
Killer Diller is finally out on DVD!

I donít know much about the movie, apart from the fact that David Shatraw is in it, and that he plays a reporter.

Hereís the imdb entry for it, if youíd like to know more.

Hereís a link to the Amazon.com listing for it, although Iím sure itís available at all kinds of other stores, too.

I have my copy ordered, so Iíll try to post more details when it arrives, and I know a bit more about it!

Pictures from Tell Me You Love Me

Friday 21st December 2007

I have made a few screen captures from the HBO series
Tell Me You Love Me. You can see them here.

I had all kinds of trouble finding out which episodes David Shatraw appeared in, but I eventually managed to discover that he was in episodes 7 and 10.

He may be also be in other episodes, but being here in Europe, itís so difficult for me to find out!!

For more information on the series, check out the official website.

Pictures from Pope Dreams!

Sunday, 9th December 2007

I have made some screen captures from my DVD of
Pope Dreams.

Go here to see them.

Itís a good movie, and David Shatraw has plenty of good screen time, but keep the tissues ready. Even with my British ďstiff upper lipĒ I was crying by the end!

Thereís no news of an official DVD release yet, but keep an eye on the
Pope Dreams Website for further updates.

New Guest AppearanceÖ

Sunday 30th September, 2007

It seems that David Shatraw has a guest appearance coming up in an episode of the HBO series Tell Me You Love Me.

Iím afraid I donít know any more than that Ė not even which episode to look out for. I just came across a list of guest stars for the series while idly searching on Google.

Check out the HBO website for times and so forthÖ


Pope Dreams Screenings in OctoberÖ

Saturday 29th September, 2007

Pope Dreams website has been updated with details of some non-US screenings in October.

So if youíre in Canada, Australia or Japan, donít forget to check it out!!


Run! Go see it! Come back here and tell me what it was like!!

New Photograph!

Wednesday 1st August, 2007

A photograph I bought on eBay just arrived today.

Itís a fun, posed publicity shot from Titus.

Iíve never seen the picture before, so I thought Iíd share! If youíd like to see it, go here.

Pictures from The Closer

Thursday 5th July, 2007

I have made some screen captures from David Shatrawís episode of The Closer.

Iíd recommend that you try to see the episode if at all possible, so do watch out for repeats if you havenít aready caught it. David Shatraw is excellent as usual in his scenes (and gorgeous, too!).

The pictures are a bit spoilerish, if you havenít seen the episode, but now youíve been warned, you can see them here!

I believe the episode, titled Saving Face, will be repeated on Monday the 9th of July, at 8pm on TNT. Try to see it if you can!!

Upcoming Guest Starring RoleÖ

20th June 2007

Apparently, David Shatraw will be guest-starring in an episode of
The Closer. To be shown on Monday 2nd July 2007, at 9pm on TNT.

The episode title is
Saving Face, and Mr Shatrawís character is called Dr Jonathan Stone.

Donít forget to look out for it!

Take a look here for further details.

One More Round Screen CapturesÖ

Wednesday, 9th May, 2007

I finally got my One More Round DVD from the USA, and Iíve made a few screen captures from it. Click here to see them.

I donít think Iím being biased if I say that David Shatraw is the best thing about the movie!!

One More Round Released on DVD!

Wednesday 25th April, 2007

One More Round was released on DVD yesterday.

Iím not sure how much screen-time Mr Shatraw has in the movie, or what kind of a role he plays, since I havenít seen it yet. I have to wait until the copy I ordered makes its way across the Atlantic Ocean!

Itís available at Netflix, Amazon.com, and probably lots of other places, too, if you want to rent or buy a copy.

Iíll make some screen captures once I get mineÖ

Love Is a Four Letter Word, part IIÖ

Thursday 15th February, 2007

I finished putting up a few pictures from Love Is a Four Letter Word. Click here to see them.

Sorry the screen-capture quality isnít so fabulous, but there are some gorgeous pictures, so I put them up anyway!

Donít forget to see the movie on Saturday, if you can, and check out IMDb for upcoming TV airings of Mr Shatrawís movies and TV shows. Click here, and the airing information is just before his list of credits.

Love Is a Four Letter Word

Monday, 12th February, 2007

David Shatrawís latest movie, Love Is a Four Letter Word, will be shown on the Hallmark Channel in the USA at 7:00pm this Saturday - 17th February.

The movie is about three couples Ė one couple have just met, one have just got married, and one are going through divorce proceedings. David Shatraw plays half of the couple who get married Ė the wedding is very sweet!

The picture at the top of this entry is a screen-capture I made from the movie Ė there will be many more once I get time to make them. If only I didnít have to keep going to my pesky job!

A full set of screen-captures should be on this site at the weekend, if not before.

Donít forget to watch the movie!!

Pope Dreams News!

Saturday 3rd February, 2007

The movie
Pope Dreams has been winning all kinds of awards, and is now one of the ten finalists at the Fylmz Festival in Nashville, Tennessee.

The grand prize at the festival includes a distribution deal, which is exciting for me, since I canít wait to see the movie!!

Check out the trailer (which features David Shatraw!) on the Fylmz Festival Website.

Also, if you havenít already, check out the
Pope Dreams Official Website, to see what other awards it has been winning.

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