David Shatraw

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I wasn't sure whether to attempt this, since I know practically nothing about the talented Mr Shatraw. But what the heck! Here's the little that I have managed to glean from searching the Internet. Apologies for any errors or inaccuracies...

David Shatraw was born in Albany, New York.

He was born on June 7th, sometime in the sixties, which makes him somewhere in his forties.

He has a BFA from Hofstra University, and an MFA from the Asolo Conservatory (which I gather is part of Florida State University, and extremely choosy about its students). He was in the 1989 class at the conservatory.

He is married, with two young sons.

Check out his resume, and the links page, which has links to his listing at the IMDb and TV.com.

Also, see the links page for links to examples of his voice-over work. Be lost in admiration, as I was!!

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